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Arts Faculty Council

Under The Universities Act, the Arts Faculty Council is the legislative body of the Faculty of Arts and has responsibility for programs, courses, examinations and course results, admission requirements, and academic standing, subject only to the control of the General Faculties Council of the University. To learn more, click here

Teaching Awards Committee

The Teaching Awards Committee meets to assess applications for the Faculty’s Teaching Awards, including those for sessional and graduate students, and nominates faculty members for the General Faculties Council’s Rutherford Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching. To learn more, click here

McCalla Professorship Committee

Adjudicate the annual competition for McCalla Professorships and; maintain appropriate application and adjudication processes. Members of this committee are appointed from student representatives of Arts, Teaching and Learning Committee. To learn more, click here

Academic Affairs Committee

The Academic Affairs Committee is the working arm of the Faculty responsible for the

assessment of new program and curriculum proposals. To learn more, click here

Academic and Grade Appeals Committee

The Faculty of Arts Academic and Grade Appeals Committee is authorized to hear appeals related to both academic standing and formal grade appeals.​ To learn more, click here

Arts Teaching, Learning & Engagement Committee – ATLEC

Establish more opportunities in the Faculty to talk about teaching and learning, and include students in these discussions. To learn more, click here

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