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 Oasis is comprised of an Executive , Council and Director team. The Executive and Councillor positions which are elected by the student population. Directorships are held by councillors or Students At Larger from the Arts Faculty on an application basis. 


Established in 2014 the Organization for Arts Students and Interdisciplinary Studies is the official representative of Arts Students at the University of Alberta. OASIS represents over 5,000 students. OASIS is committed to students throughout the Faculty in each department. Our goals include: fostering Arts pride, creating an inclusive and welcoming community and providing students with services and events to enhance their time spent in the Faculty of Arts.  


Darren Choi

Vice President Finance

Chris Beasely

Vice President Events

McAley Gurney

Vice President Internal

Marissa Gell

Vice President External

Abigail Isaac

Vice President Academic

David Draper


Our Councillors play an integral part in the workings of OASIS. OASIS Council acts as the legislative body, oversees Executive Committee decisions, and are the student representatives from the Social Sciences, Fine Arts, Humanities, and International communities   in the Arts Faculty. 

Pictured above from left to right:

Robert Bilak (Social Science Councillor), currently completing his 4th year Political Science.

Quinn Sharon (Humanities Councillor), currently completing his 3rd year in History.

Cameron Kennedy (Fine Arts Councillor), is currently completing his 2nd year in Drama. 

Emma Jones (Social Science Councillor), is currently completing her 5th year in a Political Science degree.

EJ Valencia(Social Science Councillor), is currently completing his 4th year in Political Science.

Kyle Daniel (Social Science), is currently completing his 2nd year in Political Science.

Ana Isabel Bandeira (Humanities Councillor), is currently completing her 3rd year in English.

Yiming Chen (International Councillor), is currently completing her 3rd year in Political Science.

OASIS directors take on certain portfolios in the organization. Currently OASIS has 9 directors who coordinate with the executive profiles to assist OASIS in providing all their services and outreach with Arts Students. The current OASIS Directorships are; Director of Media, FAMF, Food, External, Communications, Finance, Arts Con, and Events.