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Department Associations

OASIS represents over 6000 students. However, each of those students are diverse in their program of choice. Below is where you will find information on student groups in your department.

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English and Film Studies Undergraduate Network’s

As the department association for English, Film Studies, and Creative Writing, EFSUN brings together the efforts and resources of faculty and students in order to create more opportunities for our undergraduates. EFSUN works with department committees to represent the concerns of students regarding issues such as curriculum and policy. EFSUN also connects students through a variety of events, including a speaker series, poetry readings, and department mixers. Our annual Undergraduate Research Symposium also provides students with an opportunity to present and receive feedback on their research.

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The Sociology Undergraduate Student Association

The Sociology Undergraduate Student Association (SUSA) exists to promote the Sociology & Criminology communities and to foster enthusiasm and awareness through academic endeavors, volunteer and CSL connections, student mentorship, social interaction, and events like our Speaker Series. SUSA even runs their own undergraduate journal, Invoke! To be a member, you do not need to major or minor in sociology or criminology, you just need to have enrolled in or taken a sociology course (or be university alumni), have an interest in the discipline and in fostering enthusiasm about sociology or criminology.

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KGK: East Asian Studies Undergraduate Students' Association

KGK is a group which represents the undergraduate student body of the East Asian Studies department, participating in department meetings to contribute to the decision making process of the department. We strive to enrich the experiences of students interested in East Asian culture, regardless of their field of study, in addition to the students within the department. We host various events pertaining to East Asian culture throughout the year while also running conversation clubs which focus on building new friendships and improving not only Chinese, Japanese, and Korean speaking ability, but also English speaking ability for exchange students or students whose first language may not be English. 

Undergraduate Psychology Association

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The UPA is an undergraduate student-run organization dedicated to everything related to Psychology at the University of Alberta. We strive to provide information and opportunities to current students as well as to those considering psychology as a possible career. Our duties include advocating for Psychology students at Departmental meeting, organizing social and academic events, and holding volunteer and career fairs. We also coordinate the Peer Mentorship program and supervise Smitty Library.

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Political Science Undergraduate Association

The Political Science Undergraduate Association (PSUA) is a non-partisan, registered, not-for-profit student organization, and is an integral part of the Political Science department at the University of Alberta.


Our mission is to provide opportunities for student involvement and to act as a liaison between the Political Science department and all political science students. In addition, the PSUA organizes a number of social and extra-curricular activities which provide excellent opportunities to interact with faculty members and other political science students.


All current undergraduates who have taken a University of Alberta political science course within the last year are considered members of the PSUA.

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Geography and Planning Students' Society

The Geography And Planning Students’ Society (GAPSS) advocates for and supports students in the Human Geography and Planning programs at the University of Alberta, or students interested in topics surrounding Human Geography and Planning. Particularly, GAPSS serves its students through academic, professional, and social programming. Students can get involved through attending events or workshops, joining one of our committees, or running for an executive position in the Winter term.

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Undergraduate Drama Student Association

The Undergraduate Drama Students’ Association exists to enrich the academic, artistic, and social experiences of all undergraduate Drama students at the University of Alberta. We are dedicated to fostering a community of ingenuity, inquiry, and empathy by listening to students' concerns and implementing changes in our Department. We work with the Department of Drama, drama student groups, and community stakeholders to uphold and expand our department’s reputation for excellence, and to engage with students through workshops and community-building events

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Undergraduate Linguistics Association

The Undergraduate Linguistics Association strives to foster and support a community of individuals with shared interest in language and linguistics, providing ground for discussion and resources in the field. 


ULA offers a Help Desk for students in 100/200 level Linguistics classes to provide support and clarification on various topics. Beyond that, we have a variety of opportunities for students to become involved through volunteering as well as attending both social events, such as pizza meet and greets, and academic events, such as guest lectures.


Check out our Facebook and Twitter to stay up to date on what’s happening with our group!


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Music Students Association

As a student group and departmental association, the MSA plans events, acts as a liaison between faculty and the student body, and provides valuable services and opportunities to the music students it exists to serve. The MSA host noon hour concerts, seasonal themed events such as a halloween movie night, and a winter formal for music students.


History and Classics Undergraduate Society

The History and Classics Undergraduate Society (HCUS) is the Departmental Association for undergraduate History and Classics students. We are here to build connections between the department and the students within it while also providing a space for our community to flourish. Our goal is to cultivate conversations surrounding history and provide leadership opportunities for our members. 

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Student Design Association

The Student Design Association represents current undergraduate students and alumni of the University of Alberta, who have taken design courses during their degree. We actively work to stimulate community involvement, create partnerships with other organizations, and host events for students and staff, with the goal of providing the support and opportunities necessary to help design students find success.

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Philosophy Undergraduate Association

The Undergraduate Philosophy Association's goal is to further any and all student's understanding and enjoyment of Philosophical topics. We work towards this goal by running discussion groups twice per week, by overseeing and promoting various reading groups, and by maintaining a student space in Assiniboia Hall (room 2-21). All students, regardless of their program, year, or knowledge of Philosophy, are more than welcome to come by any of our events or contact us with any questions they may have.


Visual Arts Student Association

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The Visual Arts Student Association represents all Visual Arts students at the University of Alberta. We strive to foster a sense of community within the Fine Arts with events, advocacy, and student engagement!

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