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Presidential directors

Arts and Governance


The Director for Arts Governance & Representation  observes and reviews the OASIS governance structure, highlighting weaknesses that limit growth and development as well as suggesting amendments that will improve the OASIS’s ability to govern. Any interested candidate for this position shall demonstrate a keen passion for governance and politics, strong interpersonal skills, and ability to work with a team.


The Director of Mentorship Programs will be responsible for overseeing the OASIS Peer Leaders, a one-on-one mentoring program to ease students’ transitioning into their first year.  This person should be passionate about improving the undergraduate experience, have excellent communication skills, and must be interested in developing fresh and innovative methods of communicating and reaching out to students.

External Directors


The Director of Volunteers (DV) recruits, trains, interviews and coordinates all volunteers.  They must possess efficient communication skills, be charismatic and able to inspire passion in a volunteer program of more than 100 students.

Study Groups

The Director will coordinate the OASIS Groups, a 5-10 person study group for a variety of arts courses that is led by a more experienced mentor.

Businesses / sponsorships

Contacting businesses for possible sponsorships of OASIS. Keeping contact with current sponsors 

Academic Directors

Academic Programming

The Director for Academic Programming is responsible in implementing programs and organizing events to improve the academic campus community and student experience.

Department Associations

The Director of Departmental Associations works closely with CODA (Council of Departmental Associations) and plays a key role in the development and bond of the Arts community as a whole. The Director of Departmental Associations must display exceptional communication skills and be outgoing, approachable and open-minded as a forthcoming leader.

Events / Outreach Directors 


The Director for Events will assist the VP Events/Outreach in organization and planning for events such as the Arts Gala.


This Director is responsible in collecting and managing student feedback for OASIS events and programs. Any individual interested in applying for this position should feel comfortable using Microsoft Excel.

Internal Directors

Web Design / Programming

The Director of Web Design (DWD) will work with the Vice President Internal to oversee the Interdepartmental Science Students’ Society’s website. The Director should feel comfortable dealing with web interfaces and should have some background in web design.

Marketing / Social media

The Director of Marketing/Social Media works closely with the Vice President Internal (VPI).. They are responsible for developing marketing campaigns and strategies for various OASIS events and initiatives, being the main point of contact for event coordinators. They must have exceptional organizational skills, creativity and be efficient in communications.


The Director of Communications will work with the VP Internal in supervising the implementation of marketing campaigns and strategies for various OASIS events and initiatives. This Director provides direct support to other Directors working on projects relevant to communications.

Locker Rentals

The Director of Lockers will be responsible for overseeing all aspects of the locker rental system, the most important income source for the OASIS. This person should be organized, have good conflict-resolution skills, and be passionate about improving services for Science Students.

Finance Directors


The Director of Grants will work with the Vice President Finance to create and execute a granting program for OASIS grants. They will help create the criteria for grants, look over submitted one, and pass successful ones to the OASIS Council.


The Director of Finance (DF) will work with the Vice President Administration and Finance to oversee financial reviews, maintain transparent financial reporting, write grant applications, and ensure the financial accountability of the OASIS.

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