OASIS is currently holding a byelection for VP internal! Find out more about the candidates below

Vote in the election July 26 & 27 


=VP Internal Candidates  

Hilary Meng 


Hello everyone! It’s lovely to meet you, my name is Hilary Meng. I am a Bachelor of Design student going into my third year! I got involved in OASIS last semester as a VP External director and found it to be an amazing learning experience and incredibly rewarding. One of the jobs of a VP Internal is maintaining an online presence for the organization and producing publicity materials. I have experience managing social media pages and designing web media and of course, as a design major with a route in marketing I believe this is a perfect match for me! I am organized (with the help of to-do lists and colourful planners of course) and driven. I believe I can help facilitate a positive environment within the OASIS Exec team and build beneficial relationships within the Faculty of Arts as a whole. I am passionate about creating a memorable university experience for arts students and I believe this position will help me do just that!

Analea Zimmerman 


“Hi! My name is Analea Zimmermann (she/her) and I am running for Vice President Internal within OASIS. I am a fourth year Honours English Major with a Creative Writing minor, and I am so passionate about what OASIS has done within the Arts Faculty. I will be running on a platform of increased transparency between Arts students and the Executive Community, visibility for OASIS and Arts students, as well as inclusivity so every member in our faculty can be heard and respected. Being an English Major means believing in the power of words, and if elected I would use mine to help OASIS continue their amazing work in our faculty. Thank you!”