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OASIS Candidates Election

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Presidential Race

Candidate: Maddie Dempsey

Hi, I’m Maddie. I am a third-year honors political science student, plant lover, and activist, and I am running to be your OASIS president in 2021-2022. I first joined OASIS on a whim in 2019, when I applied for a position as Events Director, and I absolutely fell in love with the Organization and the work that it does. The following year, I served as the Vice President Outreach/Events, where I planned regular online events to strengthen the Arts Community, advocated for the needs of students throughout the Covid-19 pandemic and budget cuts to campus, and hosted our first ever online Arts Gala and raised over $700 for the Campus Food Bank, while also platforming multiple local artists to perform. Over the last 2 years, I have gained extremely valuable insight into the functioning and logistics of OASIS and governance. This coming year poses some new challenges to students, with the budget cuts on campus continuing and the University restructuring coming into effect. Through this, I will work to ensure that the needs of arts students continue to be heard by the faculty, while maintaining a strong identity within the Arts community.


VP Events/Outreach Race

Candidate:  Ariane Lamoureux

Hello everyone! My name is Ariane Lamoureux, I am a second year Political Science and Sociology double major and I am running for VP Outreach. I am currently the Events Director at OASIS and have had the wonderful experience over the last semesters of working with the current VP Outreach to develop programs and events that encourage student engagement. Collaborating with other members of the OASIS team has also allowed me to learn what it takes to support the diverse UofA student population. Over the past year, students have faced incredibly difficult circumstances that have changed the university experience; during this time, students have raised awareness of the important role social connections play in maintaining one's mental health. As VP Outreach my main goal is to strengthen arts students community ties and provide a means for connection while also expanding knowledge on OASIS values of representation, inclusivity, and advocacy through community engagement programs. I believe that I have the understanding of what it takes to be a representative for the arts and a passion for enhancing arts students' experiences that is required for the VP Outreach position. I hope to get your vote and see you at future events! 


VP External Race

Candidate:  Hussain Alhussainy

Hello, my name is Hussain Alhussainy. I am a first-year Political Science student and I am running to be your next Vice President External.

I believe that my past experiences in advocacy and leadership positions have prepared me to take on such an important role. I've had the honour and privilege of serving as a Student Senator representing and advocating for my high school. I've also been active in serving as one of three Student Trustees on the Edmonton Public School Board.

If given the opportunity to serve as VP External, my priorities would be to represent the interests and speak on the concerns students in the Faculty of Arts face during committee meetings.

In these challenging times, I recognize that there is a level of uncertainty about our education with the integration to an online environment. Rest assured that I will make sure your voices are heard regarding issues such as tuition increases, budget cuts, online education quality, and the betterment of students' university experiences online. I want to be a part of ensuring you get what you need to succeed and make the most out of your time here at the U of A.


I look forward to securing as many sponsorships as I can for the OASIS team so that we can continue to build, offer, and advocate for opportunities on behalf of students. I pledge to execute and perform my duties as VP External faithfully and to the best of my abilities.


Thank you for your consideration, and I look forward to your vote on Wednesday, March 17th & Thursday, March 18th.

Candidate:  Angel Park

Hello! My name is Angela Park and I am running to be your next OASIS Vice President External. I am in my third year, majoring in music and political science, and minoring in sociology. 


During the three years I have been a student at the UofA, I have consistently worked with the Faculty of Arts as a volunteer, a member of the Arts Faculty Council, and as the Arts Residence Cohort Leader. I am presently serving as an OASIS Director under the current VP External. I have been heavily involved with organizing volunteer opportunities and fundraisers, partnering with many external sources. 

I am here to continue to work for Arts students by creating more opportunities to get involved within the community, and to be an advocate for those who need a voice.


Within the next couple of days, I would love for you all to take a look at my platform and learn more about what I am proposing and why I want to be your next VP External!

Candidate:  Ashwini Gadtoula

If you think the next OASIS VP External should be a tenacious advocate, a sustainable program coordinator and someone wishing to better their position beyond their term, I might be the perfect candidate for you! 

Hello, I am Ashwini, a third year Political Science and International Studies student, and I am running to be the next OASIS VP External. Through this position, I seek to persistently represent undergraduate Arts students in university governance and beyond. As we navigate an uncertain time, I want to ensure students still have access to programs and sponsorships that are meaningful to them and their faculty. While fulfilling my duties externally, I also want to bring institutional memory to the VP External position, so that those who come after me can fulfill their duties with efficiency. I want to honor the work done by passionate students who held the position before me, while creating new sustainable programs of my own that will aid you in the long run. 

If you would like to have a candidate nuanced in issues specific to you and is seeking to advocate for them; someone to connect students with organizations and individuals who can help realize the OASIS vision, VOTE Ashwini Gadtoula for VP External!

VP Internal Race

Candidate:  Anne Doerksen

Hello everyone! My name is Anne Doerksen and I’m running for VP Internal! I’m in my third year of political science and I’ve been a social sciences councillor with OASIS for this last year. I want to continue the growth of OASIS so that all Arts students can experience granting, events, and free printing in the upcoming school year. Through social media, and other resources, I can reach out to more students so that they know about OASIS and the amazing opportunities that they can have through the organization. Interdepartmental communication is also very important during the university’s restructuring so I want to make sure all students are advocated for and have their concerns heard and addressed. You can vote for me with confidence because I want to introduce Arts students to new experiences, grow OASIS, and support the students in whatever they need!

Candidate:  Nandini Chandra

Hello! My name is Nandini Chandra and I am running to be the next VP Internal for OASIS. I am a fourth-year Psychology major with a minor in Political Science. I have been involved with OASIS over the last year as the International Councillor, Academic Programming Director and Section Editor for Crossings, OASIS's Interdisciplinary journal. This year, I was also a core team member for the FAMF referendum campaign which passed with more than 70% of the vote.

OASIS is an integral part of the Faculty of Arts and it is important that we maintain our presence. Social media is an important part of our communications and engagement with Arts students. Moreover, collaborating with other organizations in the faculty will not only benefit us in understanding students' needs throughout the faculty but will also help us advocate for them and meet their needs. I have been involved in OASIS through different avenues and gained valuable experience in how OASIS functions and student governance, but I feel that my work as a student advocate is not finished. My goal for this position is to enhance that relationship because Arts students are a priority.


During my time in OASIS, I have come to meet many of you, astonishing Arts Students, and I think it is time that we recognize your efforts in the faculty and beyond.

Vote Nandini Chandra for OASIS Vice-President Internal on March 17th and 18th.

If you would like more information on my platform and goals for this position, you can follow my FB page, Nandini for OASIS VP Internal and my Instagram page, @nandiniforvpinternal. You can also email me at nchandra@ualberta.ca.

VP Finance Race

Candidate:  Vivek Gala

Hi there! My name is Vivek Gala, and I am a second year Honors Economics student. I’m running to be your VP Finance this year because I believe I can contribute to OASIS and to the Arts Students Community.

I have been participating in student governance since Grade 8, when I was first elected to the school parliament. I have worked with various student organizations since then, and I am currently serving as the Vice President Internal at the University of Alberta Debate Society.

My platform is aimed at bridging the gap between the financial side of OASIS and the student community it serves. I believe transparency is not enough. When was the last time you went through a budget sheet or a financial statement? My goal is to engage the student community and empower all of you to have a say in the Financial matters of OASIS. 

What drives me is the desire to do meaningful work in the best way I can, and OASIS will empower me to do that work for all of you. I believe you should vote for me because of my skills and qualifications, but more importantly because of my vision.


Thank You!


VP Academic Race

Candidate:  Emily Lukacs

Hi! My name is Emily Lukacs, and I am running to be your VP Academic! I'm a second year arts student majoring in Political Science and Sociology, and minoring in International Studies. Last year, I served as the Interdisciplinary Councillor for OASIS, which gave me lots of experience in the organization and in representing students’ needs.


 As VP Academic, I hope to help facilitate the growth of inclusive academic culture for arts students at the UofA. With the transition to online classes, many students are experiencing a disconnect from the academic network of students and professors that helps us all through our degrees. As VPA, I will ensure that these concerns are addressed by representing the students’ concerns about classes during COVID-19 to the University. I also hope to provide students with academic events which help students feel more connected to the arts community at the UofA, and hopefully make some friends as well. Additionally, with the concerning budget cuts the University is experiencing, I plan to ensure that students’ questions and worries about academic restructuring are vocalized to the University. 


I hope you’ll consider voting for Emily as OASIS’ next VP Academic on March 17th and 18th!

Candidate:  Kael Kropp

My name is Kael Kropp and I am running to be your next OASIS Vice-President Academic!  I am a third-year BA Honors Political Science student with a minor in Psychology, completing a Certificate in Applied Social Science Research. I have been an active student in our Faculty for the past three years, serving as a Senior Editor for both CROSSINGS (the OASIS interdisciplinary academic peer-reviewed journal) and the Political Science Undergraduate Review.


I aim to foster an academic culture that recognizes the important value of each Department Association and student group; forge meaningful relationships with Department Associations, and; design projects that are accessible, adaptable, and exciting. I want to entrench CROSSINGS within OASIS’ Constitution, so it can continue to benefit Arts and Interdisciplinary students year-after-year. I believe that I possess a wealth of experience and dedication that render me an excellent candidate for OASIS VP Academic! Moreover, my existing connections to Department Associations, and students across our Faculty, bolsters confidence in my ability to help guide our transition into the new College of Social Sciences and Humanities. For those reasons, I hope you will consider selecting me as your next Vice-President Academic on March 17th and 18th

Candidate:  Tiaré Marko

Hi there! My name is Tia, and I’m pleased to announce that I’m running to be the next Vice President Academic for OASIS.


Elected into OASIS as a humanities councillor last year, I’ve learned so much about student advocacy at the University of Alberta and it has been an absolute pleasure to be a part of so many incredible projects and positive influence in the Arts Faculty.


I’m incredibly passionate about student advocacy which is one of the many reasons why I’m running to be your next VP Academic this year.


If elected, I want to ensure and provide students with a healthy academic culture and environment.  I plan to do so by liaising with various Departmental Associations and supporting a wide array of new opportunities to be offered to students catering to the current and ongoing impacts of COVID-19.


I want to ensure that I will follow through with any ongoing plans that the current VP Academic started to offer stability in what students voted for last year.  


One of my goals, if elected, is to expand services offered and projects in French & East Asian languages with collaboration of their departments.


In addition, academic restructuring has taken various tolls on departments in the Arts, and I would like to find new initiatives with the departments to offer the absolute best options & rights for students.


On march 17th & 18th, remember to vote for the OASIS elections!



Fine Arts Councillor Race:

Candidate:  Milan Regmi

Hello everyone, my name is Milan Regmi, and I am running for the position of Fine Arts Councillor. I am currently in my second year of a combined Bachelor of Music/Bachelor of Education degree. 


Some of my previous experiences in student governance include being a part of my high school's music council where I was the treasurer from 2018-2019. This year, I joined as a Member at Large with the University's Symphonic Wind Ensemble Society. In both cases, we made important decisions on spending and finances, on student outreach through events, and many more. As someone who is a proud Fine Arts student, as well as someone who has sat in different types of councils before, my goal is to bring my ideas to the table that I hope will benefit both the Fine Arts programs and the Arts Faculty on a wide scale. This past year has been a difficult time for all of us, with the COVID-19 pandemic that has kept us physically apart, and has also really made a negative impact financially on the arts program. But I truly believe that in these times, there arises an opportunity for us to take so that we can build back better and stronger than ever before.


If I have the honor of being your Fine Arts Councillor, my goal to help boost us financially is to create new events within the fine arts that are modern, open to all students at the university regardless of their faculty, and are engaging. My goal is to also encourage departments to collaborate on projects and events, which will help boost attendance at events and viewership at concerts once we are allowed to gather again, and will help multiple departments succeed financially. I also have goals that could help improve the mental health of others, which include increasing awareness of the resources available to seek help, as well as begin a faculty-wide mentorship program in which students who are struggling or need help can seek out somebody they are comfortable talking too to be able to offer guidance. Finally, I believe that to build a stronger program not only in Fine Arts but the entire Faculty of Arts as well, we must ensure that is diverse, inclusive, equal, and offers an opportunity to succeed for everyone, regardless of their race, ethnicity, religion, gender identity, sexual orientation, and ability. If elected, I want to be able to begin a student diversity council consisting of students from multiple diverse backgrounds, which will provide suggestions to OASIS on how OASIS can improve its relations with racialized and underserved communities, and how we can make our events more inclusive for everyone.


Thank you so much for reading my platform. I hope that by being a part of OASIS, together we can build a program in both the Fine Arts and the Faculty of Arts that builds back better, is progressive and forward-moving, and offers hope and opportunity to all who seek it in our faculty.


Social Science Councillor Race:

Candidate:  Anika Lukie

Hello! My name is Anika Lukie, and I am a second year Honors Anthropology student campaigning to be one of your next Social Sciences Councillors. I have an extensive background in student governance as I spent five years as a council member on school and city student councils throughout middle and high school. As well, I have experience in educational advocacy through my work with the Minister’s Youth Council. In this position, I had the privilege of working directly with Alberta Education as well as Education Ministers Eggen and LaGrange, advocating on the behalf of all Albertan students. 

If elected, I will work towards supporting a stronger online UAlberta Arts community, as this has been severely impacted by COVID-19. I am currently volunteering as the Promotions Coordinator for the Fort Saskatchewan Nordic Ski Club, so I am confident in creating online spaces which are welcoming to all. I look forward to working with the OASIS Executive Committee and other council members to make movie nights, informal cooking classes, and other socially distanced social events accessible to all Arts students. We may be physically apart, but that should not affect our community! 

On March 17th and 18th, vote Anika Lukie for Social Sciences Councillor and do your part to create a stronger UAlberta Arts community. 

Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions, concerns, or if you want to know more about what I will bring to the council. I am available at alukie@ualberta.ca, @anikalukieforoasiscouncillor on Instagram, Anika Lukie for OASIS Social Sciences Councillor on Facebook, and online at https://alukie.wixsite.oasiscouncillor.

Candidate:  Hailey Lothamer

Hailey Lothamer is a second-year political science student running to be one of the social sciences councillors for OASIS. In addition to her interest in politics, she is currently completing a minor in Spanish and has also enjoyed her first year as a scholar with the PLLC community. Apart from her studies, she is passionate about the environment and historical documentaries. As a social sciences councillor, she would be committed to ensuring the integrity of any OASIS constitutional amendments and making decisions in the best interests of all arts students. Part of her platform would be to improve the inclusion of different voices and increase recognition for campus engagement within OASIS and the Arts Faculty. Hailey is committed to working with arts and interdisciplinary students of all backgrounds and highly values student collaboration.  Following a year of online studies, she recognizes the importance of student governance in representing the various needs of students and she hopes to serve as a voice for student concerns on the OASIS Council. 

Be sure to vote on March 17th and 18th, and vote for Hailey as your social sciences councillor! 

Candidate:  Julia Villoso

Hello! My name is Julia Villoso. I am in my second year of my Arts degree majoring in Psychology and minoring in Anthropology. I am excited to be running to be one of your 2021-2022 Social Sciences OASIS Councillors! In the past year, I have been advocating for Arts students as an SU Councillor. I’ve been a part of numerous committees, and I truly believe my experience on Council has enabled me to not only gain a better understanding of what it means to be an Arts student at the U of A, but also learn the experiences of the diverse Arts students all around campus.


If elected, I would do my best to make OASIS council as transparent as it can be to students, and work towards promoting more student engagement with our faculty association. OASIS and the Arts faculty have done so much for not only me, but so many other students, and I want to use my current knowledge and experiences to continue OASIS’s work to help more Arts students in the future.


On March 17th and 18th, I hope you vote for me, Julia Villoso, to be one of your next Social Sciences OASIS Councillors.

Candidate: Rebecca Swityk

 Hi! I’m Rebecca, I’m in my first year of a Criminology degree, I love true crime podcasts, my cat (Lucy Lou), coffee, and I’m running for OASIS Council as a Social Sciences Councillor! As a student who started university during COVID, I relied deeply on OASIS and their advocacy for arts students in situations where I didn’t know where else to go. I have also attended a number of the events planned for this year as a way to meet other students in a time where classes are not on campus. The team was always more than welcoming and helpful, and it made me want to get involved in student governance and advocate for the needs of arts students the way OASIS has advocated for me. I personally have dealt with problems related to online exam proctoring and seen the effects of budget cuts on the university and its students. I’ve always been outspoken about issues that are important to me, and student advocacy has always been something I’m passionate about and I’m eager to start this journey with OASIS!

        Be sure to vote for Rebecca Swityk on March 17th and 18th to be one of your Social Sciences Councillors!

Humanities Councillor Race:

Candidate:  Desriel Traverse

Desriel Traverse received an Associate’s Degree in Arts and Cultural Management from MacEwan University and is currently working towards her Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology and Native Studies from the University of Alberta. Her professional interests focus on volunteer work with local arts organizations, event/volunteer coordination, preserving Alberta’s history, advocating for the arts sector, and learning more about the University of Alberta as a whole. In addition, she has served as a board member for The John & Maggie Mitchell Art Gallery, worked with The University Of Alberta Museums, Royal Alberta Museum, and the Alberta Aviation Museum, and hopes to be your next OASIS Humanities Councillor.