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Darren is currently in his 4th year of Honours Poli Sci. He is passionate about governance and hopes to make a change in the world.


Darren Choi

Chris Beasely is currently completing his third year of political science. Chris can be most known for infectious laugh and great ideas.

Vice President Finance

Chris Beasely

McAley or also known as the Grandma of OASIS is currently completing her final year of English. As VP Events McAley tirelessly works to put all our amazing events on!

Vice President Events

McAley Gurney

Marissa is currently working to complete a double degree in Drama and Sociology. As VP Internal she is tasked with all the marketing and behind the scenes work. You can catch Marissa either at Deweys, FAB or the OASIS.

Vice President Internal

Marissa Gell

Abby is currently completing her 2nd year of political science. If Abby could have any job she would most likely be the head fashion editor of a magazine. As VP External her main role is organizing the OASIS Discount Cards!!

Vice President External

Abigail Isaac

David is currently completing his 3rd year in Honours Political Science. In his spare time he loves a good speak easy and political debate. As VP Academic his goal is to connect the department associations and provide students with academic focused events.

Vice President Academic

David Draper

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