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Student Representative Association Membership Fee (SRAMF)


What is a SRAMF?


A Student Representative Association Membership Fee is an opt-out fee paid by every undergraduate student in their student fees. This fee is used by Faculty Associations to help provide support and services for students, student groups and department associations. 

Where does Arts SRAMF go?

Currently, with the lowest SRAMF at the university at $3 per semester. The Organization for Arts Students and Interdisciplinary Studies (OASIS) offers:

  • free printing

  • individual granting

  • department association granting

  • reduced costs on useful courses (e.g., first aid)

  • Crossings: an undergraduate research journal

  • free condoms and menstrual products

  • Arts student discount cards

  • the Arts Mentorship Program

  • educational sessions through the OASIS speaker series

  • research conferences and socials

  • free snack bars

  • locker rentals

  • microwaves

    Along with many more engaging and fun events. OASIS is dedicated to advocating for Arts Students. Our mission is to enhance your social and academic experience within the Faculty of Arts  

Proposed Changes


To combat inflation and a lack of funding from the University, OASIS is suggesting a $2 increase to our $3 SRAMF to address inflation and insufficient funding from the University. This adjustment would increase student fees to $5 per term, totalling $10 per academic year. By implementing this modest increase, we can maintain our existing services and also broaden our offerings to enrich and bolster the Arts student experience at the campus.


Learn more about OASIS and our platform here: OASIS SRAMF Platform.docx


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