OASIS is always working to grow our team. Whether you are interested in volunteering to put on events, or sit on a committee of student representatives OASIS wants you!

NEW!! OASIS Design Competition

OASIS is starting its first-ever design competition! This specific competition is focused on foundational theorists from your discipline. 

The prompt is as follows;


With extreme weather events around the world caused by climate change, we here at OASIS love to think back to a time before humans irreversibly destroyed the climate. That usually involves some classical theorists. For this design competition, take inspiration from a classical theorist in your field of study and design a sweater you can take comfort in while the world ends around us. Be it Marx, Mozart or Monet tell us about a theorist who has influenced your discipline through your design.


Designs will be accepted until March 6th. The winning design will be transformed into a sweater and will be sold by OASIS. The winning artist will receive %7 royalties on the sales. 


For more information and to apply, visit the link below. 

Students At Large (Granting Committee)

Students At Large are non-OASIS members who act as representatives for the Arts Faculty student body in the adjudication of granting. 

We are searching for one student from each of the following disciplines: Fine Arts, Social Sciences, and Humanities. These students-at large will adjudicate as voting members with the OASIS VP Finance and the OASIS Granting Director. The OASIS President will also be advising the committee in a non-voting capacity.


Free Lunch and Dinner.

Great Resume Builder.

Reference Letter (upon request).

Applications Close March 7th, 2020 at 11:59 pm.

Chief Returning Office

OASIS is currently seeking applications for the position of Chief Returning Officer (CRO) for the upcoming election. This is a paid position of a $250 honorarium. 

Applications close January 31st at 11:59 pm. 


- Excellent organizational skills.

- Excellent communication skills - both written and oral.

- Ability to analyze and clearly interpret the rules and regulations related to the election procedures.

- Knowledge and experience with student governance.


The CRO is responsible for the successful and fair election of the upcoming OASIS elections, held during the 2020 SU Executive elections.

- Ensuring that the election process is organized in a fair, non-partisan manner without bias.

- Strict enforcement of all election rules and guidelines as outlined in SU bylaw.

- Communicate with the SU CRO on using the system.

- Run an all candidates meeting and familiarize everyone with OASIS election rules.

- Enforce election rules on candidates, especially poster policies.

- Communicate with the CRO of the SU in a timely manner the candidates.

- Keep in contact with candidate and announce results in timely manner.

Applications are now closed. Only successful candidates will be contacted for an interview.