OASIS is always working to grow our team. Whether you are interested in volunteering to put on events, or sit on a committee of student representatives OASIS wants you!

Become an OASIS Director!

OASIS is currently looking for eager students to join our team as one of our Directors.  

Application deadline: September 11th, 2020, 11:59 pm. 

Granting Director

Assist with the appointment of grants towards Departmental Associations within the Arts Faculty as well as individual students, help facilitate the communication between DAs and the granting process, and be a voting member of the Granting Committee.

External Director

Working alongside the VP External, the External Director will be responsible for finding and securing sponsorships for OASIS and our relevant events. Furthermore, the External Director will be responsible for establishing long term relationships with businesses and clubs and securing working agreements which are beneficial to OASIS and its affiliates.

Start your Department Association - MLCS & WGS

OASIS is currently looking for aspirational MLCS and WGS students to be the first executive DA Team. Below are the roles we are looking for students to fill! 

Application deadline: September 3rd, 2020, 11:59 pm. 


Direct the vision and strategy of the DA, including but not limited to strategic planning and goal setting.


Facilitate a healthy undergraduate academic culture. By means including but not limited to; coordinating and supporting events and initiatives relating to undergraduate research and creative activites.


Plan coordinate and oversee all events, services and outreach activities provided by, or in conjunction with the department association. Delegate their duties and authority to AD-HOC Directorships and committees of the DA. 


Facilitate creator of an annual budget detailing all predicted and actual expenses and revenues of the DA for the next calendar year. 


Coordinate the advocacy and external policy initiatives. Be the first point of contact with all external groups and individuals corresponding with the DA.


Oversee the operations and condition of physical infrastructure belonging to the DA. Oversee the recruitment of potential directors and volunteers.

Chief Returning Office

OASIS is currently seeking applications for the position of Chief Returning Officer (CRO) for the upcoming election. This is a paid position of a $250 honorarium. 

Applications close January 31st at 11:59 pm. 


- Excellent organizational skills.

- Excellent communication skills - both written and oral.

- Ability to analyze and clearly interpret the rules and regulations related to the election procedures.

- Knowledge and experience with student governance.


The CRO is responsible for the successful and fair election of the upcoming OASIS elections, held during the 2020 SU Executive elections.

- Ensuring that the election process is organized in a fair, non-partisan manner without bias.

- Strict enforcement of all election rules and guidelines as outlined in SU bylaw.

- Communicate with the SU CRO on using the system.

- Run an all candidates meeting and familiarize everyone with OASIS election rules.

- Enforce election rules on candidates, especially poster policies.

- Communicate with the CRO of the SU in a timely manner the candidates.

- Keep in contact with candidate and announce results in timely manner.

Applications are now closed. Only successful candidates will be contacted for an interview.