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Humanities Councillor 

Hey! My name is Parul Kanwar, and I am a second-year student doing a double major in English and Political Science. I am running for OASIS, as a Humanities Councillor. 

So, as the Humanities Councillor, I would be supporting the executives in their efforts to serve the students best and be a bridge between the students and the executives.  I will also be the first point of contact for the students if they want to reach the OASIS for a variety of matters.

 I want to take up this role of the Humanities Councillor because my introduction to Humanities was very jerky since I was unaware of necessary resoures like the OASIS since I landed on a plane from India without much idea about how things functioned here. And I don't want the same for any other student. I want to help make the transition to Humanities from high school for the freshmen smoother and support the upper years make the most of this department's resources to the best of their advantage and propagate the OASIS's initiatives to serve the students best.

I believe I'll be able to be an integral part of OASIS due to the experience I have collected participating with student governments and NGOs over the last few years and I am incredibly passionate about helping the student body to the best of my capabilities. 


Humanities Councillor

Hi! I’m McAley, and I am a third-year Arts student with a major in English. I am passionate about literature and love to write. I am involved with student groups on campus such as Week of Welcome and 5 Days for the Homeless, and I am excited to be campaigning for Humanities Councillor at OASIS, and for the opportunity to represent my fellow Arts students at the University of Alberta by advocating on their behalf and supporting the Executive team in realizing their vision for OASIS. On my own time, I love to read as much as I possibly can, and travel as much as I can afford!

Don’t forget to vote on Wednesday, October 3rd, and Thursday, October 4th!

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Humanities Councillor

Hello All! My name is Chris and I am a second year Arts student majoring in History. I’m running for the position of Humanities Councillor because I believe that I can help the greater OASIS Executive work for everyone in the Faculty of Arts. As a member of the Debate Society Executive, I have the experience necessary for this position. Through my time with their Executive I have provided input on budgeting decisions, club policy and authored significant amendments to the Debate Society constitution. The main things that I want to champion in my campaign are accountability, awareness and approachability. So what does proper accountability look like? It’s having decision making processes that are as transparent as possible; promoting clear opportunity for communication with the greater Faculty and a willingness to hear your concerns and advocate for them on behalf of all Arts students. Additionally, I intend to push for increased awareness so that everyone knows what OASIS is, what we do at OASIS and just how awesome OASIS is! Lastly, I have a commitment to approachability because University is hard and anything I can do to make it easier is worth doing. Vote online on October 3rd and 4th!


Social Sciences Councillor 

Hola! I am KIAN JAVIER and I am running to be your OASIS Social Sciences Councillor. I am currently a 2nd year Economics major with a double minor in Political Science and International Studies. Being an Arts student has opened a lot of doors for me and this is what I strive for everyone to have: opportunities at hand that will let you immerse into your Arts degree while thriving and being part of the Arts community.


Having lived in the Arts Leadership Cohort, I can bring the things I learned into a grander scale for your benefit, whether it be listening to your ideas and setting it in motion or making sure that OASIS is serving your best interest as Arts students.


As much as possible, I try to volunteer for the Faculty of Arts. I was an Arts Faculty Leader for the Week of Welcome, became a member of Open House 2017 Arts panel, and through the Arts Leadership Cohort, I have volunteered for the John Howard Society and participated in fundraisers that catered to a local NGO, Operation Friendship Seniors Society.


Having said all that, my priorities as the Social Sciences Councillor is to reach out to to you as a channel for your decisions and needs, to uphold diversification, to help the first year Arts students transition to university, and last but not the least, to support the Executive team in serving YOUR best interests.


On October 3rd & 4th, vote KIAN JAVIER for OASIS Social Sciences Councillor.


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