Meet the Exec Team (2021/22)


President: Maddie Dempsey

Hey! My name is Maddie Dempsey. I love reading critical disability theory, cuddling with my cat, and scoping out local breweries to add to my ever-growing list of favourites! This is my third year with OASIS, and I’ve been lucky enough to be a part of many incredible initiatives over the years, starting with my first ever Arts Gala in 2020. This year, I have been given the opportunity to work with my Executive team on a number of exciting projects, including our full re-brand, the rewriting of the OASIS constitution, and the publication of the Crossings journal. As a fourth year Honors Political Science student, I have been doing research into the intersection of queerness and autism, using the progress of the queer liberation movement to inspire the same change for the neurodivergent community. As a member of both the queer and neurodivergent communities, this research has been especially important to me in my own self understanding, but also in my work as OASIS president, constantly reminding me to advocate for the marginalized, and curate welcoming spaces for all students, especially those who are queer, racialized, disabled, or further disenfranchised by the academy in any way.


Vice President Outreach and Events:
Ariane Lamoureux

Hello everyone! My name is Ariane. I am a third-year honors double major in political science and sociology and, like many poli sci students, I want to pursue a career in law and governance! I first got involved with OASIS last year when I was hired to work with the former VPO/E as the Events Director. Working in this position allowed me to explore the world of student governance while learning about the many incredible opportunities and advocacy initiatives that OASIS takes on. Thus, deciding to run for VPO/E was a natural next step for me. Although this past year has been challenging in terms of running events, I hope to create some engaging and impactful projects that expand upon the outreach aspect of my position. When I’m not working on campus or hanging out in the OASIS office, I enjoy reading my seemingly never ending pile of books, watching TV, being outdoors, and spending time with my family.

If you have any ideas for events or programs please feel free to send us a message. I am always willing to hear new ideas and would be happy to work with you on your projects!


Hello everyone! My name is Angela Park and I am the VP External for OASIS. Here’s a bit about me! I am a fourth year double majoring in music and political science, with a minor in sociology. Since I’m graduating in April, my plan for after is to attend grad school and get my PhD in ethnomusicology! I love jazz, dogs and bubble tea. I also play competitive dodgeball! I first got involved with the arts faculty when I lived on the Arts cohort floor in residence. I loved being part of such a wonderful community, and it inspired me to apply for an OASIS directorship! Soon after, I ran for VPX! As Vice President External, I advocate for arts students, engage with external communications (such as sponsorships and collaborations) and hold events that get arts students involved with the greater Edmonton community. Keep an eye out for the mentorship program and discount cards that will be happening in the winter semester! I love meeting new people and I’m always in the office, so come stop by, I’ll give you Booster Juice coupons! (Yes, we are sponsored by @Boosterjuice)!

Vice President External: Angela Park


Hi! My name is Kael Kropp. I like to spend my time trying craft beers with my partner and friends, staying up to date on university-happenings, playing guitar, and collecting vinyl records. As a fourth-year Honours Political Science student, I am currently working on my thesis which proposes policies to better promote sexual minority representation in Canada’s parliament drawing on lessons from the British Isles. As a Killam Fulbright Fellow, I research comparative Canadian-U.S. health policy surrounding medical assistance in dying. I have also used my role as your VP Academic to head our new peer-reviewed and student-led journal, Crossings. Through my role as Editor-in-Chief, Crossings has deepened my involvement and appreciation for the Arts community; the highlight of my undergraduate career has been working closely with my interdisciplinary team to publish students’ innovative work. My overriding goals as VP Academic are to create more opportunities for Arts students to have their work recognized, serve as an advocate for Arts Department Associations, and to ensure that Arts students not only have access to streams of academic advocacy, but that they feel supported while doing so!

Vice President Academic: Kael Kropp


Hellooo!! My name is Vivek Gala. I am a third year student in the Honours Economics Program and also an International Student! I love music, football, reading, and drinking wine with my friends on Mondays. Swing by the OASIS office sometime and I'll treat you to a fun game of chess! I am also a competitive debater at the University of Alberta Debate Society. My role as VP Finance usually involves managing OASIS funds, planning for the future, and providing the team with the resources they need to do all the amazing work they do! I also oversee the Granting Program, which aims to empower the Arts Students Community through providing microgrants for students and groups.This year, I am excited to be working on the Merchandise Initiative, hoping to have cool OASIS swag available for all of you before the end of my term.

Vice President Finance: Vivek Gala


Hey everyone! My name is Hilary Meng, it’s nice to meet you:) I am a Bachelor of Design with a Route in Business/Marketing and I am focused in Visual Communication Design. I began my degree in Philosophy  then transfered into a BFA in Painting and finally ended up in Design. I love art history (Two of my favourite courses have been HADVC 206 and 245), Chinese style painting and anime. I am also a CASI 2 snowboard instructor and part-time photographer! I got involved in OASIS, and on campus in general for the first time last year as an External Director where I piloted the EDI Podcast. As VP Internal, I oversee the design and branding as well as the online and social media presence  (including this website) with my directors Hana and Andrea.  I am also the Co-Founder of Circe Magazine, an Edmonton based non-profit focused on creating a space to represent youth creativity in the local art communities. I am excited to continue my involvement in OASIS. Always feel free to reach out with any questions/concerns!

Vice President Internal: Hilary Meng