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Meet the Exec Team (2022/23)

President: Ariane Lamoureux

Hi everyone! My name is Ariane and I am the President of OASIS! A little bit about me, my pronouns are she/her and I am in my fourth year of a double major in political science and sociology. I first got started with OASIS 2 years ago when I was hired to be the Events Director to assist the VP Outreach and Events (VPOE) with running events. As I grew more passionate about community engagement and learned about the ways in which OASIS could help students, I also became more involved with OASIS as I was elected VPOE last year and President this year. As President, I am looking forward to developing stronger connections to our faculty leaders, working to increase awareness of how valuable an Arts degree truly is, and helping to rebuild a strong Arts community.


A few non-academic facts about me, I love to read (I’m always looking for a good book recommendation!) and my happy place is anywhere where I get to be outside and in nature. 


If you ever have questions or concerns, feel free to contact me through the OASIS email as I am always happy to help!

Vice President Outreach and Events:
Bronwyn Johnston

Hello, my name is Bronwyn and I’m the OASIS VP Outreach and Events this year! I’m a 3rd year Psychology major with a minor in Native Studies. At OASIS, I plan and run events for students to enjoy and celebrate being Arts students. Last year, I was the sponsorship director for VP External and realized how getting involved makes university more enjoyable. Now, I get to run awesome events and give back to students! Alongside being an OASIS exec, I am a research assistant with the Culture & Cognition lab. My main academic interests involve cultural psychology and Indigenous knowledge. In my free time, I like going for walks by Walterdale Bridge and hanging with my sister and her cat, Marge. If you want to know more, I’m usually in the OASIS office on Mondays and Fridays.

Vice President External: Hussain Alhussainy

Hello everyone! My name is Hussain, I am the VP External of OASIS, and I am a third-year student in the political science honours program. I also am one of the Arts representatives on General Faculties Council (GFC). My interests include hockey (Go Oilers!), Marvel comics, and Harry Potter. 

I got involved with OASIS last year as both an Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Director and an NGO Director. I decided to get involved because I saw an opportunity to take on projects that work towards highlighting marginalized voices. This year, as VP External, I am excited to launch a Speaker Series that explores the value of an Arts degree from the perspective of minorities. I am also a strong advocate for disability rights and inclusion on campus, something I hope to improve as an executive member of OASIS.

Vice President Academic: Hailey Lothamer

My name is Hailey Lothamer, and I am in my fourth year of the Political Science Honours program. I am your Vice-President Academic of OASIS for the 2022/2023 academic year. As part of my responsibilities as VPA, I am also the editor-in-chief of Crossings, the undergraduate peer-review journal for the Faculty of Arts. Furthermore, I advocate for undergraduate arts students on academic matters that affect them, such as the academic restructuring. Outside of OASIS, I am part of the executive team for Women in Leadership — a cause that I am truly passionate about and inspired by each day. My interests include skiing, watching historical documentaries, and the politics of migration. As part of my honours thesis, I have developed a passion for all things related to security, defence, and identity politics. 

Vice President Finance: Vivek Gala

Hi! My name is Rebecca Swityk, and I’m a 3rd year Criminology student! I currently sit as the Vice President Internal of OASIS. This means that every Instagram post, story, promo, or poster from OASIS this year is designed by me! I also oversee our online accounts across the board. Apart from my work in OASIS, I am also the Social Sciences Section Editor for the Arts Undergraduate Journal, Crossings, where last year I was a peer-reviewer. I have also been involved with Invoke, the Sociology Undergraduate Journal. I’m currently working on OASIS Exec Spotify playlists and a TikTok account, and I’m excited to see what student engagement can look like after so much time online! Some of my interests include coffee, cats, and the ethics of true crime consumption in the media, something I’ve been interested in since before my time in University. I live near the University with my best friend and our calico cat, Lucy Lou!

Vice President Internal: Rebecca Swityk

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