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How can I become involved with OASIS? 

All UAlberta Arts students on North campus are automatically members of OASIS, and all members are welcome to access any OASIS services or attend any OASIS events. But aside from just being an OASIS member, students can become more involved with us by applying to be a director, sitting on one of many committees, becoming an editor for our academic journal, or running in an election. We will also be hosting a by-election for a number of council positions in the next couple of weeks, and strongly encourage anyone interested in running to reach out! 


I want to become involved, but I don’t have the time to become a councillor or an executive. What can I do? 

For people who want to become involved with OASIS but aren’t in the position to commit to an elected role, there are a number of other ways that you can join the OASIS team! Volunteering at our events, becoming a director or joining the editorial team of our academic journal are all wonderful ways to join our team. Time commitments vary a lot, anywhere from 2-3 hours a month in some positions, and up to 10 hours a week in others. We have positions available for any kind of time commitment. You can also be an active member within OASIS, by attending our events (especially town halls and AGM’s), submitting your written work for publishing in our journal, and accessing our services all help build the Arts community on campus. 


How can students stay connected with OASIS? 

The best way to see what OASIS is up to is via our Instagram (@ualbertaoasis). We post our events, volunteer oppourtunities, new services we might be offering, grant applications and more! 

How does getting involved benefit me?

Being involved with the OASIS can benefit you in many ways. You can meet new friends, integrate yourself within the arts student body at school and the greater community. You also get the opportunity to learn valuable new skills and further develop your current ones.


Where does OASIS get funding from?

OASIS gets the majority of our funding from our Faculty Association Membership Fee (FAMF), a small fee ($3) that is included in the tuition of all arts students. That, combined with our external sponsorships and the money provided to us by the Faculty of Arts, creates our total $32 000 budget. A large portion of this money is given directly back to students via granting, and the rest goes back to students through events and services that help enhance the undergraduate experience. 

What is a FAMF?

A FAMF is an opt-out fee paid for by every student in their student fees towards their Faculty Association. The fee is used by OASIS to help provide support and services for students, student groups and department associations. It also allows OASIS to run all our events and services such as granting, free printing, Instagram giveaways, events, lockers and more!


What does OASIS granting look like? 

Every year, OASIS grants 50% of our FAMF back to individual students and student groups on campus. We offer grants for all kinds of things, including student based research and study abroad programs. We also grant money to our department associations to ensure that they are able to effectively run and represent students. Any kind of project a student or student group is undertaking is eligible to apply for OASIS grants. Our granting program has allowed students to effectively complete their undergraduate research, sent students to conferences, funded peer reviewed journals and generally encouraged students to make the most of their time in the Faculty of Arts. 


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