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OASIS is happy to offer students great services to make their experience that much better. OASIS currently offers students granting, free printing, locker rentals and discount cards. We are always working to try and make the student experience better so always check back as new opportunities arise.


Every year OASIS Grants over $10,000 to Arts Students. The purpose of the OASIS grant is to allow students to pursue outside academic activities that will benefit their academic career. Examples of this can be pursuing an education abroad opportunity, attending conferences, pursuing research opportunities etc.


Applications will open in the Winter Semester

Discount Cards

Being a student can be expensive and anytime you could save a couple dollars is always a positive. OASIS offers discount cards to various business on campus and off campus. Examples of some of our partners are Beercade, EXIT, Deweys and RATT.

To pick up your OASIS discount card just stop by our office. 

Cards will be available soon! Always check back to keep up to date!


OASIS has lockers located in Rutherford Atrium, Tory Basement, and Humanities second floor. Students can rent these lockers at a price on a semester basis or for a full school year. Locks are provided.

**Currently unavailable due to Covid-19 University closures. Will resume post-Covid 


Do you have an assignment you don't want to spend $3.00 to print? OASIS has you covered. Send your written assignments to  then come stop by the office to pick it up.

Printing is done within reason (~15 pages) and only in black and white. 

**Currently unavailable due to University Covid-19 closures. Will resume post-Covid

Menstrual Supplies

Have you found yourself on campus in need of menstrual products? We understand how frustrating and expensive it can be to have to purchase a brand new box. OASIS supplies tampons and pads for anyone who finds themselves in need.

Products are available in the OASIS Office, located on our front desk. Come stop by say hi and pick up some when in need, no questions asked.

**Currently unavailable due to University Covid-19 closures. Will resume post-Covid

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